Tuesday, June 30, 2009

13 weeks

Today is the start of week 13. A debate of wether I am out of the first trimester now or in 6 days. Books have conflicting information as well as people do... So I go with second trimester because it sounds better LOL

Jason and I talked about names last night. We are already decided on the first names. I wasn't even going to question giving the baby his last name, but I was surprised when he said he would rather the baby have the last name Kaiser. So (unless something changes) Kaiser it will be. Audrey Jean Kaiser or Luke William Kaiser.

We are starting to worry a bit about the cost of daycare... I am hoping I can find someone to watch the baby. My options are limited though... I am sure everything will work out - it always does. It just stinks that everything costs so much money!


  1. I like the "Jean" part! smiling :)

  2. you have to have a girl so that Im not the one that has to carry on the middle name :)