Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dr appt today and unexpected ultrasound

So I went to my first real Dr apt today. She told me my blood work is all good and she did not need to do anything else because I just had my yearly in March. She wanted to hear the heartbeat, but no such luck. So she sent me to get an ultrasound right away. But within minutes of beginning the u/s she gets the heartbeat. She tells me 167 beats per minute!!! YAY!!! Now I am relaxing and enjoying seeing my baby. She says I have never seen a baby this young on 3d so lets try it. Of course I say ok :) The baby was stubborn though and kept turning so no face views, but it (I keep wanting to call it she lol) is very strong and feel wiggly. I saw it sucking its precious thumb!!! My baby os so beautiful I love it already. She says it is moving so strong and often I may be feeling it soon. I asked her if the "bubbles" I feel could be it and she says the way it moves definitely!

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  1. im so happy for you Jul! I love reading your blog, it makes me feel like I am there with you...But sadly im 2000 miles away...sigh...

    No worries though, My ll neice or nephew will be so spoiled...But you have to promise to let him/her spend a couple weeks with its Aunt Holly when it gets older :)