Tuesday, July 21, 2009

16 weeks

Another Tuesday... Another week. Dr appt today at 3:45. I learned last night where we are going on our trip. ERIE!!! Thanks my Jay!!! Even though I found out in an accidental way LOL Feeling good this week. Still sleeping horribly. Guess I have to get used to that LOL evrything else is good. It is good to have Holly home visiting. I got to spend some time with her and my mom and Jim on Sunday. That was nice. Anyway more updates tomorrow about DR apt and Erie trip


  1. ok so I just have to say I started this whole "My (fill in your boyfriends name)"thing. I started calling Ry "My Ry" in order to distingiush from My ryan and his friend Ryan. And now Mom calls jim "My Jim" and you said "My Jay"... Just have to say I started it :-P

  2. ;) I think thats common everywhere and I rarely say that anyway