Thursday, July 16, 2009

Registry already??

So some of you have discovered my registry online. Why did I register? I was bored at work one day LOL. Why did I chose Babies R Us? Because it was the most friendly site for my work computer, Walmart and Target did not load fast enough. The thing you should know about my registry is I listed things I want but not specifics. What I have listed does not need to be bought at Babies R Us. What I have listed does not need to be the exact one I have listed. A boppy for example. Yes I want a boppy, but I do not really care which one. Find the cheapest LOL. A bouncer seat, I am not picky about style or color as long as it works I am happy. Hey if you find one at a yard sale even better! Plus I do not want people to feel obligated to get me things, I hate making people feel obligated! My registry was also created so I would remember the things I wanted. Pregnancy has made my memory very BAD!! LOL Anyway if you discover it now ya know LOL. The only thing I don't like is pure pink items and Disney/Nickelodeon characters... Nuetrals and greys are my fav for items (clothes excluded)


  1. You never did like pink. I couldn't choose pink girly things when you were little. Remember you wanted a black bedroom, with black walls and ceiling. (I compromised and did black and white for you). The closest I ever got to decorating your bedroom girly is when you went to florida and I painted the room lilac. (not sure if you liked it).

  2. I liked it because the color was called August Glow. And I remember it was a very nice surprise