Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Thursday

Another end to a blogging week. I will have a busy weekend to make time fly until Tuesday. Friday we are going to the Butler Farms Show. Saturday I have to cook in the morning and we are going to the zoo in the evening. Sunday is a family picnic at my dad's girlfriend's house. So the weekend will go fast.
Monday will drag on I am sure. I am so glad I scheduled my ultrasound for the first of the day! I do not think I could handle waiting all day LOL. So Tuesday morning I will wake up and leave for my appointment - no waiting!
I am excited (i know you cant tell LOL) I haven't felt the baby move in a couple days. I think its sitting lower and I can only feel it when it is near my belly button. It is nice once a month to have a reminder the baby is there since it is hard to tell most days :) I'm hoping the baby will cooperate and we can see who he/she is and I really want to see its face :)
Well the week is over (blogging week that is) I will be back on Monday to update!

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