Monday, August 17, 2009

The weekend and tomorrow

I had a good weekend. The zoo was fun. It was hot and crowded, but fun ;) I went to my first yard sale on Saturday. There was so much nice stuff I but I did not know what I needed so I just bought toys

It was fun picking out a few nice toys though! Sunday we had a family picnic with my dad's family. That was nice. I got to go swimming and got sunburnt! LOL So the weekend went fast, which is what I was hoping for. I actually have a lot of work to do today and I am very excited about tomorrow. This morning I cam into wowrk and Jason had sent me an ecard:

"Tomorrow is the big day, will it be luke william, audrey jean, or both!

That is what he sent me. Well I know its not both even though he keeps teasing, but I am excited to find out who is in my belly.

I will not be posting tomorrow. I am off work and am not going to Jason's house so I have no computer to update this blog. So Wednesday morning it will be posted!

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  1. Now wrap up some of those toys and save them for Christmas. The baby will never know and it will save you tons of money.
    One year olds just love unwrapping things and if the baby has an attention span like yours was it will play for just a few minutes with anything that you buy, oh, and by the way, ditch the barbie and just buy the cute little shoes, that is all you cared about, lol.