Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time is going to fly!

I am so excited to meet Audrey :D And I know I am giong to be busy the next few months until she comes.

The rest of October is pretty full - We are going to a fall festival, having a bonfire, Going to a corn maze, going on a "Super Secret Date Night", possibly a football game, a haunted hayride, and MAYBE if we can squeeze it in Jason and I want a night to watch movies and carve pumpkins...

Novemeber isnt really planned yet, but I will have Dr's appointents every 2 weeks, I want to take Yolanda and the kids to the Carnegie Science Center, there is Thanksgiving, and there is a festival in Harmony I really want to go to...

Then comes December! I am hoping she will be born in December LOL. She will be considered FULL TERM on December 15. With December comes the VERY busy time at Fedex. I think I will be having a baby shower sometime this month. It will be Christmas time. I unfortunately am not going to be able to do much shopping this year, but I will do some. I want to make it to Kraynaks one weekend.

AND sometime in the next 3 months I must clean and organize my room to get ready to have a baby in there. Right now I have a pile of baby stuff in the corner that I have to find some place to put it. I have to get the crib that my Aunt & Uncle are lending me. Basically I just need to get my apartment ready...


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  1. Excitement! :) I think January is probably the best month to be due.. because everyone says the last trimester drags but with the holiday season right before it... you will blink and she will be here!