Monday, November 30, 2009

What a weekend! LOL

It was a nice long weekend. I needed a break from work! Thanksgiving went well. I went to visit my dad. It was a 3 hour round trip... Now I know why they say limit your travel! My back was killing me by the time I got home.
Friday I wasnt planning on going shopping. There was only one thing I wanted and it was online. So I woke up Friday to try to get it and BAM the computer had a VIRUS!!! DOH by the time we got it working the item was sold out. By 10AM I was bored and decided to venture out. I went to Walmart and surprisingly it was not that busy. I didn't uy anything there. Then I went to the mall and got myself a robe for the hospital. I got a $36 robe for $14! YAY Black Friday deals. I got a few other Christmas presents and another good deal at borders. I got $10 off a $15 book. Then I went back home and cooked another Thanksgiving dinner. This time with enough food so we would have leftovers for a few days.
Saturday was my first baby shower! It was fun (Pics will be posted later) I got some cute stuff and had a good time with my friends. When I get the pictures from my friend Aimee I will post more info.
Sunday made me VERY happy. My dad came over and put together the crib. And I finally got to put together the crib and a few decorations in her room. I have been waiting so long to do that. Now its no room out of a magazine, but I like it. It is special to me.

Now the room insnt near finished, but I still dont know where I will be living. I have shelves to hang on the walls. I have a raggedy ann & andy curtain set. I have outlet and light switch covers. I have wall stickers. And I have pictures to hang, but its a start. The big raggedy ann & andy were my moms when she was a teenager. The bear in the corner was the first stuffed animal Jason gave me. The purple teddy bear was my first teddy bear (that I remember) and The Lemon Meringue doll was something I saved from when I was a kid. The raggedy ann on the dresser was given to me by a neighbor when I was young. I really like the fact I saved some of my favorite things to give to my daughter even if they aren't modern and picture perfect.

I love the Raggedy Ann stuff I got. I added a few things to the crib (and yes I know she cant sleep in there with all that stuff LOL) The white bunny in the corner is from my mom. The blue doll is Baby Bobby. My favorite doll from when I was young. And I put the "build-a-bear" bunny that her dad and I made her. It was fun and I love that I feel like I have a space for her now.

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  1. Too cute!! I used to have a Raggedy Anne doll that was bigger than me! I think my mom saved it