Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow!

Well anyone who thought Audrey would come because we got our first real snow of the year - she didn't LOL Although we probably did get 6 inches of snow or so. And I am oficially OLD lol this is the first snow and it is not even Christmas and I do not like it! Snow was fun when I was a kid; now its just messy! I hate having wet feet, I hate snow falling in my car when I open the door, I hate walking in slush and getting wet pants, I hate dumb drivers....

Ok enough negativity! LOL I did have a good weekend in spite of the snow. Saturday my friend Aimee came over to my area to go shopping. All my friend live (a little) far away. It was nice to have her come visit me. We went Christmas shopping and accomplished very little LOL but she did get Audrey a really cute outfit. (Its on facebook) Saturday night I did not do much - I was whooped from shopping all day.
Sunday I went grocery shoppping, then we went to Grove City so I could finish Christmas shopping. There were so many good deals. Carters had a 70% off sale so I got another turtleneck onsie. I cannot find them anywhere but there. And on a good note I finished all my shopping save a gift card or two.
Sunday night I went home and cooked ALLIGATOR for Jason! Yep, alligator jambalaya... I couldnt work up the nerve to eat it though LOL He says it tastes like chicken. Well it almost looked like chicken, but I'm weird and just couldnt eat it.

Tomorrow is my Dr's appt and I think this is the first time I am not wishing I didnt have one. I am hoping maybe they will tell me I am close. Well I know I am close, but I want to be really close LOL Anyway thats it for today It will be a busy busy week at Fedex. We are serving food to all the employees every day this week. --- 15 DAYS!

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