Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday Aaron!

WEll here is what happened at my Dr's and why I am having a Csection on Monday. Ever since week 28 my baby has been measuring large. At week 37 the Dr got concerned and sent me for an ultrasound where I found out she was almost 8 pounds. The next week I ended up getting an "old school" Dr who thought all would be well and I would just have a big baby. He did not bother to check or measure me. They wanted to skip my 39 week appt, but called me at the last minute and scheduled me for an appt on New Years Eve. As soon as I go there the Dr was concerned about the size from 2 weeks ago. He came over and felt my belly and said this baby is still growing very fast. She is very large. He then measured me and my uterus was 4 cm larger than 2 weeks ago. They should stop growing at 40 cm and I am 49 cm... He said he is very concerned about shoulder dystocia with her and then explained all the risks delivering such a large baby. He said he didn't want her to get any bigger. He then checked me and I am not dialated at all and not thinned or softened... He said they needed to do a c section next week and if I waited it would be a huge risk to Audrey. SO I saw the surgery coordinator and Monday is the day!


  1. OMG! Monday!!!!! That's so exciting! Happy New Year indeed!

  2. Good luck with everything! Be sure to walk around as soon as you are able will hopefully make your recovery easier. I did not walk around at all until it was time to go home and my recovery wasn't so good!