Monday, March 29, 2010

What its not about...

Its not about books, or what "they" say. Its not about other people's children, or even how things were done with you. All the internet searches in the world can't tell you what is right for your child.
It is about finding out what is best for you and your baby in spite of what "they" say.

I was sitting there holding Audrey last night while she went to sleep. YES, I hold her to put her to sleep. "THEY" say that is a bad habit to start. Books say a child will never learn to go to sleep on thier own... HOWEVER, who ever saw a 15 year old wanting to be held to sleep, and tell me how many mothers wish they could just have "one more time" of holding thier baby...
So for now I will enjoy holding Audrey as she falls asleep. So what if she is 2 years old and still needs cuddles before bed. Cherish the moments - thats what its about.

There is a book I bought for my friend. I wish I had a copy for myself. It is called "let me Hold You Longer" by Karen Kingsbury

At about 2 minutes the book starts

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