Thursday, April 1, 2010

Audrey is 3 months old (almost)

Audrey is so much fun now. 6 weeks ago if you asked me hows Audrey I would have said - she cries all the time or she is so difficult! Well it has been 6 weeks since then and Audrey has me trained LOL. She rarely cries anymore (except she still hates the car seat!) I know what she wants and when. She is a joy! She smiles and laughs and coos. She is taking everything in! She is so curious about everything - I love watching her look around the world.

Anyway work is nuts lately and blogging has taken a very back seat. So off to work and in 2 hours I get to leave to see my girl!

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  1. Where's her 3 month picture? I'm all about the pictures ;o)