Friday, April 23, 2010

Cloth Diapering

Have I really blogged about cloth diapering yet? I dont think so - I only briefly mentioned it in my saving green post.

I really like it. Laundry is not my hated chore - so I dont mind doing diaper laundry every other day. The diaper sprayer makes cleaning dirty diapers a breeze.

I do not even like disposables anymore. They smell so weird to me. There is no smell to a cloth diaper. The disposable one have this weird odor that is not good after not smelling it for a while.
I sometimes, like alot of people, end up having very little money before payday. Dont get me wrong I have enough money, but sometimes you end up spending it too fast - or when I have extra I pay my hospital bills (another story but Audrey was not covered for the 1st 2 months of her life) so on Thursday I will be broke. Anyway the point of that is I like never running out of diapers. I never open the drawer and am like OH MY there is only 1 diaper left! I never have to find $10 so I can go buy the smallest pack of disposables until payday. I never have to run to the store in the evenings because I ran out of diapers.
Plus cloth wipes are awesome. When she was in disposable I found myself getting washcloths to clean blowout - now I just use cloth wipes all the time
And it makes me feel good that I am not contributing diaper trash to the landfill

Would I have cloth diapered from day 1? Not this time around. My 1st 6 weeks with Audrey were not pleasant. I was going from house to house. I packed up and went to Jasons at night, I came back home alot of the evenings. I had to go to my dads to do laundry. There was no relaxing. I would of course wake up avery 2-3 hours at night them at 9am when she went to sleep I would pack up my car. she'd wake up Id feed her again and wait till she fell back asleep and head to butler. When I got there i'd unload my car. feed the baby again. And when she fell asleep again I'd cook something for dinner. (And remember I was exclusively pumping all this time) so there was no time for laundry, especially diaper laundry...
So would I cloth diaper if I had another. Maybe. If I was in a stable place with a washer and dryer. I went through probably $200 in diapers in the first 2 months. I didnt buy them thank goodness for my shower! But I dont think I could spend that knowing I have perfectly good diapers on hand.
But then again I dont know if I will ever be blessed with another one so that thought may be wasted.

But I do like cloth diapering and it was a good decision. Plus they really are cute!

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  1. You bring up some really good points. I am glad that this has been a good decision for you. If I was ever blessed enough to have a second....(and it is not looking good), but if I was, I would probably try cloth. Does the daycare allow cloth?