Monday, April 26, 2010

Life is Good

What a wonderful weekend we had. Audrey is so much fun. She is observing everything and learning so much!
WE went to Grove City and she just looked around at everything. She really likes being read to now. I enjoy that. She likes pop up books. Im going to have to go get a few more. She loves talking and has a BIG mouth just like me! Her first lesson is going to be how to use her inside voice haha. She fights sleep alot because she doesnt want to quit. She loves the computer. Its hillarious how she gets excited when we go in the computer room.
I dont know it my short attention span is good for her or not... We do a bunch of things each day. I worry I show her too much, but she doesnt get cranky - she enjoys it all. Maybe our attention spans are the same length! Who knows

Yesterday we had a funny moment. I am trying to get her to nap in her crib, but she wont. Anyway I had some stuff to do so I laid her in her crib. Within 5 minutes she started crying. I left her cry for a few minutes while I finished. SHe was crying when I got her out of the crib. She was MAD! She didnt want to stop crying. I laid her on the floor so I could talk to her. It was perfect timing. I said Audrey stop crying tell mommy whats wrong. Her cry just then changed into talking. But she had a mad tone behind it. Jason couldnt stop laughing. She wasnt crying anymore just yelling at me. I wish I had it on camera.

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