Friday, April 30, 2010

A quiz!

So what is the dumb mom thing I do on a regular basis...

A: Forget to change Audreys diaper before it leaks

B: Warm the bottle too hot and have to let it cool while holding the screaming baby

C: Forget to take her socks off before I put her in the bath

So what do you think it is...

Yep I am that dumb! On more than one occasion I have forgotten to take her socks off before I put her in the tub and even them I dont realize until I go to touch her feet!!!!
DOH! Next time I'll take a picture!

1 comment:

  1. I do the diaper thing-- if he doesn't smell, it is like I totally forget that he is wearing diapers! We never put socks on Liam or it would be that. I think everyone over 60 thinks I am a terrible mom because I refuse to put socks on my child. If it is cold- I just throw a blanket over his feet but socks (and putting them on again every 2 seconds) make me crazy.