Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where are all the socks!

My socks DO match. They're the same thickness. -- Steven Wright

Lost socks - a common laundry problem. Where do all those sock go...

Well I think I am finding out. The other day I took Audrey to the park with my friend and her kids. We ended up sitting on the bench. mind you, its about 2pm - I have been up since 4am... Anyway we sat down and I reached down to the diaperbag and I notice this lump in my pants... What in the world. I reach up my pant leg - A BABY SOCK! We laughed for about 15 minutes! Is that what inspired this post - no.

Yesterday Jason and I went to Seven Springs to reconnect. I got up this morning, got ready, put on my clothes, and we went to a really nice breakfast. Afterwards, we went to a shop; we get back to the room and I reach up to scratch my shoulder WHAT DO YA KNOW! A baby sock!!!

Hey I bet you guys didnt know I was the sock thief all along! Craziness!

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