Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well June came and went

I missed blogging the whole month! Summer is a busy time. What happend in June audreys 6 month of life...

Auntie Holly came from LA to visit (thats loserville not L.A. lol)
Audrey attended her first wedding (cousin Kaylee) and had her first dance w/ daddy
Audrey went on her first camping trip - she had a blast - she loved Pymatuning!
Audrey ate her first table food (nectarines YUM)
Audrey got her first tooth! Yep bottom left - I was excited!!!

We have been playing outside alot. I have only worked 4 days max per week this month. That has been nice and I think I am spoiled now. Her 6 month dr visit was rescheduled to 7 months. She tries to eat finger foods. She is crawling/scooting better. She got a spongebob diaper lol She definitely recognizes people she loves. She give baby kisses (you know those open mouth slobber ones lol) She is getting big!!!!!!!!
We went to a funereal for Jasons step dad and she met alot of Jasons family

So yes it has been a busy month (with a lot of progress)
I want to blog better in July we will see - it starts this weekend with 4th of July and a picnic!

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