Monday, June 22, 2009

Great weekend and more stuff

I had a great weekend this week. Went to the kids birthday party. Adrianna turned 3 and Joey 5. It was a fun time. I got to tell some more people I was pregnant and that is always fun!

Sunday we went fishing - maybe fed the fish is a better term - HAHA it was fun though spent over 4 hours at Moraine. We had some trouble with the line since this is the first time fishing in over 10 years. We plan on going more often to get better at it. I say we but really Jason fishes and I watch and tie knots LOL
Jason's mom bought us a GIANT 284 pack of size 1 diapers! WOW That was very nice - diapers are not cheap. She also went shopping and got us a few cute baby outfits :) Baby stuff is fun!

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  1. Ok i have got to see pics of the baby outfits.. I feel like im missing out being all the way in Loseranna :'(