Monday, June 15, 2009

One, Two, Three

First, this was not our plan and definitely not our timing, but there is a life growing inside of me and I AM HAPPY! We are happy and our families are happy. This is a welcome child!

Second. Yes we know how this happens. We know how to prevent it from happening. God is bigger than all of that. Enough said.

Third, off my rant, and happy note - Jason bought baby bunny a bunny! LOL Isn't it cute!!!

Tomorrow's Blog... Duck Pants!!!! LOL Thanks Aimee!!!

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  1. Seriously Jul if people are saying crap to you and saying you are wrong and whatnot, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. I absolutely hate these people that call themselves "christians" and yet judge everyone else and do not see their own faults. Let he without sin cast the first stone. Jul, you tried for never happened...and now it did. GOD gave you this ANYONE who says that you are wrong are basically saying God is wrong. I love you Jul and my future niece/nephew Im always here (even though I do live 2000 miles away :-P) for you. Love ya!