Thursday, July 9, 2009

100 days

Today is the 100th day of being pregnant. I dont know why I wanted to see that 100 on my ticker, but I did and its finally here. "Only" 40 more days and this will be half over or should I say I will have to wait half as long to see my baby.

People say enjoy your pregnancy. I always wanted to be pregnant, but right now it feels like nothing. It hard to enjoy something that barely feels real. A few weeks ago I was tired, but now I am not tired anymore. I haven't consistantly felt the baby move (if I even have yet) I don't know if I am having a girl or boy so I really can't shop for clothes yet. The only thing that is really different is non of my clothes fit and it doesnt make me feel preganant it makes me feel fat! LOL I just keep thinking though in5 more weeks I will be feeling my baby, know what I am having and actually feel pregnant. So the wait continues :)

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