Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer is half over!

I can't belive time is going so fast. August will be done before we know it. I can't say I am sad this year though. I think it is the first time I am ever looking forward to winter. I thought of a good thing of having a baby in January. Although I wont get the summer off work at least the most boring time of winter (Jan & Feb) won't be so boring for me. :) I will have the excitement of a new baby.
We are going to have a busy couple months though and it doesnt make for an ideal beginning. The baby is due Jan 5. Jason has to be moved out by Jan 31 and I will have to move in March. It makes me feel like I cannot get things ready for the baby. I hate to get stuff all organized just to pack it up 3 weeks after the baby is born... I just wish I knew where I would be living before the baby is born instead of just waiting to find out.

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