Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eat more celery!

Yes that is the advice I got yesterday LOL I guess bunny needs some more rabbit food! The Dr appt was ok. I argued for about 20 minutes that I did NOT want the flu shot, but they have a stronger will than me and I gave up and gave in and got it... My BP is good, and the baby's heartbeat is good. I got to hear it again. I always like that! The strange parts... The Dr came in and throughout this pregnancy I have seen a different Dr at each appointment. They dont know who will be staffed in the hospital when your baby is delivered so they make you see all the Dr's/ Well I had an appointment with my Dr. The Dr I have known for 2 years, the Dr who confirmed this pregnancy. She walks into the office and says Have I met you before??? OH MY I said yes You have been my Dr for 2 years. She laughed it off (Guess I am easy to forget - maybe that is a good thing!) She proceeded to tell me I still need to try to gain no more than 2 lbs per month and I need to eat more celery. I had to laugh - now that is specific advice huh! Anyway she scheduled the glucose test for Oct 6 the same day as my next ultrasound so that will be a busy day and my next appointment is Oct 12 and Jason is coming so that will be nice. We'll see about the 2 lbs LOL

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