Thursday, October 1, 2009

OH my aching back LOL

I hate being a whiner, but wow my back hurts. It was so weird last night... I could feel the baby laying real low and it was really pulling on my back. I know she is only a little over 2 lbs, so it is weird that I feel her weight pulling on my back. Well, my back hurt pretty much all day and all night. I woke up at about midnight and was pushing on my belly and then I felt the first roll! It was crazy I felt her move up from sitting down so low and instantly my back stopped hurting. So I am glad and hopefully she wont move down there for a little bit so I can enjoy the weekend LOL

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  1. No problem- I hope you enjoy it! Just the first few pages of review after review make me sigh with relief- maybe having an infant doesn't have to be the most miserable time of your life after all?! Of course, there are some things in it that we probably won't follow exactly.. but that is another great thing about it: flexibility!

    I am sorry your back is bothering you- I have definitely been experiencing some back pain as well. Mostly when I spend too much time on my feet. But you are SO CLOSE!

    As I like to think about it: the weather is getting cooler and it will NOT get warmer again before I meet Liam- and the same for you and Audrey!