Monday, October 5, 2009

Ultrasound tomorrow

I like ultrasounds. First of all they are not at the Dr's LOL so I do not have to be annoyed by a Dr before the FUN :) and Second I get to see my little girl again! It is so cool to know there is a little person inside me. She is getting so big so it will be neat to see her in more detail. I am really hoping for 3D but I wont know if I get it until it happens... And dont worry Jason I will have them check for amphibians or reptiles ;p

I had a good weekend. Spent Friday with my friend Yolanda. Saturday Jason and I went down to Pittsburgh for dinner that was nice. Sunday we just chilled at home and watched movies. It was relaxing.

Oh and I also have the Gluscose test tomorrow, results will be given to me on the 12th!

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