Thursday, October 15, 2009

Strange Dreams

Throughout my first trimester I had strange vivid dreams... Well THEY'RE BAAAACK!!!

Last night I had 2 crazy dreams. My first sleep 10pm - 1AM: I forget most of the dream but somehow I drove my car into my dad's house and ruined my car and his house... It was so strange and I remembered the whole thing at 1 when I woke up but I fell back asleep at 3 and dreamed again so I forgot it...

My second sleep 3AM-6AM: I can remember this dream vividly. I was in my house still 7 months pregnant and Jason was there and I could feel the baby perfectly while it was in my belly. I told Jason to feel the baby and I sneezed and POP I had the baby! Well she was perfectly healthy which was confusing but I said we better take her to the hospital. So we left but we kept making stops along the way. We stopped to eat breakfast and FORGOT THE BABY IN THE CAR!!! Then I remembered her and came back out and she was fine not even crying LOL so we headed back to the hospital and somehow ended up in ERIE. We got out of the car to do stuff again and forgot the baby again!!! OH MY what crazy pregnant dreams I have! LOL I woke up soon after that. It was the first time I clearly "saw" her face though. I wonder if she will look anything like the baby I dreamed of.

I know I am weird - its ok though ;P

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  1. I had a dream the other night that there was no death. Just.. death did not exist. It was so weird.