Friday, October 16, 2009

Its Friday!

So I dont normally update on Fridays but Bob is off and I am not running around like crazy. I cheated and wore jeans to work today. I only have 2 pair of maternity pants and 1 of those pairs do not fit well. Some person had to make a smart comment like she is my manager or something! That made me mad. You try being 7 months pregnant, have no washer and dryer at your house and have 1 pair of pants that fit! Anyway I finally slept well last night. So that was nice to be rested. Tomorrow I have to try to get my laundry done, and then we go on our "super secret" date night. I love planning surprises, I am already trying to work on a surprise for April.

Well I probably will not be able to post tomorrow, but I am close enough.. I have been pregnant for 199 days! Almost 200!!! WOW that seems like a long time. I still vividly remember the day I found out. 0430 in the morning - it was the first time I was excited to wake up. I had bought the test the night before, but wanted to follow the instructions and not use it til morning. What I remember most was not having anyone to tell... Things were different back then, and everyone knows she was a surprise baby. I wanted confirmation from a Dr before I told Jason and I had to tell him first! So there I was keeping the biggest secret of my life... It didn't last long LOL I told him 2 days later before I got Dr results, but still... It has been quite a journey, but I am ready for this and I am so very happy & excited!

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  1. 80 days to go?! Holy cow.

    The other day a co-worker of Ryan's asked us how much longer and Ryan replied two and a half months- I almost corrected him.. and then I realized he was right! Ah!