Monday, October 19, 2009

Super Secret Date Night SUCCESS

LOL We had an excellent time Saturday night. I took Jason to the Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs. We saw a Medieval Dinner Show. It was so funny and Dinner was served without utensils! First Course : Beef Stew (not broth lol acutually stew - no spoons) Salad with dressing no forks and bread. Not individual rolls LOL a big loaf of bread thrown at your table to break apart! Second corse each person was given a whole stuffed rotissere chicken and BBQ spare ribs (The server/actor just plopped a whole chicken on the board (not plate) in front of you! White shirt = splattered with grease mess) Dessert: apples, cheese, and Strawberry shortcake! Yes that was not easy to eat! But it sure was a great time. The show was almost 4 hours long. I wish I had booked a room too we got home at midnight.

Audrey liked the show too LOL Everytime I am at a place with lots of loud music she never stops moving. I felt her more that night than my entire pregnancy combined I think! It was pretty awesome. (Ok maybe she doesnt like the loud music, but I am pretending she likes it so there LOL)

That was all really for the weekend adventure. We did chores, ran errands, watched movies... nothing exciting

Hopefully sometime I will be able to get back there to see another show!

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