Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another January Baby & lots of new stuff

Well another mom due in January had her baby last night. 5lbs and some, but he still has to be in the NICU. I am thankful every day I am still pregnant. So as long as Audrey needs to stay in there I am fine with that.

On another note, Jason's mom gave us TONS of baby clothes over the weekend. I got them all organized and sorted. I took a picture of a couple of my favorite things.

There is alot of other stuff I like but some of it is bigger and I already put it away.
I never imagined I would be able to fill my house with baby stuff, Its nice! I am getting really excited for my baby showers coming up.

I also bought a flip camera on ebay real cheap yesterday. I know my regular camera takes videos, but I figured I would be more apt to upload them using the flip. Its not always an easy process getting a video off a camera to youtube. So when Audrey is born I will be able to post videos for you all! Especially those of you who can't be around to see her often.

Lastly, the week is half over and I am already excited about this weekend. Friday night I get to go see Aimee and Yolanda. I haven't seen them in WEEKS. I used to spend every weekend with Yo and it has been 6 weeks since I have seen her. Jason and I are going to a festival in Harmony and we are going to see the movie we have been waiting for. 2012. And on Sunday we are going to Sewickley to preregister and take a tour of the hospital. I am kind of excited to see what it is going to be like! So hopefully I will have lots of updates for you on Monday. (Dont worry I will post tomorrow too as promised Mon-Thur)

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  1. Baby girl clothes are so precious! :)

    And yes, STAY PREGNANT! Someone has to make it full-term around here. Seriously!