Monday, November 16, 2009

Countdown Halfway

So I started my countdown at 100 days... Now there are 50 days! Wow!!!

I had a nice weekend. Friday night I went over to my friend Aimee's house and spent some time with her. It was nice. Then Saturday we were busy. Jason's mom gave us a highchair - the one I wanted YAY :) I put it together. I love it!

Then we went and got a crib mattress I found on Craigslist. We also went to the Christmas Market in Harmony. I forgot my camera! It was a nice time though. And Saturday night we saw 2012! That was a good movie. Even though it was 3 hours long almost I would watch it again.
Sunday was our tour of the hospital... Um ya I think I dont like the hospital I am going to... they have the DUMBEST rules ever!
#1 Dads cannot stay the night
#2 Babies cannot room in
#3 No pictures or video of the birth (not that I wanted that)
Oh an lots of other weird things... Oh well only a couple days right. Next time (ok Jason hypothetically next time lol) I would definitely go somewhere else.


  1. What?! Dads cannot stay the night? Ryan stayed with me all 8 days I was in the hospital- in the first room I was in, they even left a bed in there for him. I would have lost my mind without the company. Night-time was the worst.

    Stupid rules indeed.

    Oh, I like the high chair- too cute.

  2. Those are some really dumb rules. That's really odd to me that daddy's can't stay the night. WTF!