Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I cant do that... I'm pregnant!

OH my it is so funny and nice LOL We went to Sams Club and bought stuff to make a ham dinner for over 200 employees... Usually Bob has me load the car, load the car, and carry it all in the building. Well, today I had to make him do it all. I said I can move that - I'm pregnant. (Which is true by the way - I did carry some little things) But he wanted me to move huge boxes full of buns and boxes having 50lbs. worth of ham in them. Now I know I can carry some things, but no way am I carrying over 150 lbs of ham so there


  1. Oh, my gosh. I would smack him one. Ha, ha.

    My mom wouldn't even let me pick up a cake today- we went to get a thank you cake for the nurses after I got discharged. It could not have weighed more than three or four pounds and she took it away from me with this shocked look on her face like HOW DARE YOU TRY TO CARRY THAT?!

    Le sigh. I am looking forward to being deemed healthy once more.

  2. Good for you!

    I went bowling this past weekend and my good friend asked me if I should do it. I said, "Why not?" She explained that when she was pregnant, she was told not to lift over 10 pounds. I had to point to my youngest child, whom my friend was holding, and explain that I have to pick her up all the time - and she's 23 pounds... a 10 pound ball is no problem!