Monday, November 2, 2009

Now its November?!

Only 2 months left until I see my baby! WOW its hard to believe. I was talking to Jason yesterday about how fast time will go. Sunday morning is our time together with no phone calls, no company coming, no where to rush too... and I told him that with only 9 weeks until my due date we may only have 9 Sunday mornings for the two of us! 9 is not that many. We were talking about the baby and as excited as I am for her to be here, I really dont want to rush it. Jason and I have only been together a little more than a year. I am still enjoying the "me & him" time. I know we will have time together after the baby comes, but now its all about us. We can do what we want when we want with no one else to consider. So Audrey will be here soon, but I am going to enjoy my last weeks in full without wishing time away.

On another note. It only took 31 weeks LOL but I am finally feeling those constant baby kicks. Will it stay that way? I have no idea. I hope so, but I really dont know. I can feel them all over now. It is really weitd because I feel kicks way up high close next to my ribs. It makes me think - Wow thats a big baby in my belly! And she has 2 more months to keep growing!!


  1. Whoa. When you said "only 9 Sunday mornings left", that makes it sound like such a short amount of time!!! 9 Sundays sounds so much shorter than 9 weeks for some reason. It's weird, it's like November was a big smack in the face saying, 'HEY! JANUARY'S ALMOST HERE!'


  2. I think I will come around just to say 10...9...8...7... so on and so forth- I will live vicariously through your last few weeks since I won't get to experience them myself. Ha, ha.

    You are so close!