Thursday, October 29, 2009

"January" Babies

I am a member of a forum where a bunch of ladies who are due in January get together and chat. Well it amazes me that 3 ladies have already had thier "January" babies. The first was pregnant with twins, she has been in the hospital so she knew she would have them early. Unfortunately only one survived. The second lady had an unexpected still birth... The third lady is actually someone I talk to on a regular basis, which makes it seem more real. She went in for an ultrasound because her baby was small and they found out she had HELLP and pre-eclampsia. Her baby had to be delivered right then and there! He is healthy but in the NICU. It is definitely too early for "January" babies to be born.

It gets me thinking these ladies never expected to have thier January babies in October. I am sure there will be more births in November - so really it could be ANY time. Now, I want Audrey to "cook" for a while more (like 2 months) but you really never know whats in store for you and your baby!

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