Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend recap

This weekend was a fun one! Friday night we went to the Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh with my mom, Jim, his mother, and my grandpa from FL. It was a good time. Jason really liked it. Here is my mom and Jim from Friday night

On Saturday we went back into Pittsburgh to see the Nina & Pinta. Columbus's ships were there. That was pretty cool. Jason and I like doing things like that. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed our time there.

On the way home Jason took me to Lucianno's Pizza which is a pizza place in McCandelless we have been wanting to try. It was good. In fact I saved some for my lunch today BUT FORGOT IT!!!!! LOL
Yesterday we just relaxed and enjoyed our Sunday together (Only 8 more!) I cooked breakfast and dinner.
Audrey was being a stinker. All week at work she moves around so much, but on the weekends when I am with her dad she stays still no matter what I do to try to get her to move she won't! Poor Jason guess he'll have to wait until January to play with his daughter! :)

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