Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why do Dr's annoy me so much?

Okay sorry if any of you are Dr's, but I am so totally over going to the Dr so much. UGH and I have like 6 appt more to go! They cant keep thier information straight, I get a different due date now every time I go. They aren't even pleasant. I refused the H1N1 vaccine yesterday and the Dr told me - well if you get H1N1 you are probably going to die! Ya ok so I am destined for death now. Oh my - next time midwife maybe... if there is a next time LOL

On another note, I got a breast pump today (Medela Freestyle). Yes I know you are SO excited to know that LOL Jason's mother actually gave me the money to buy it! That was so nice of her. They are expensive!!! I got a good deal though. It only cost me nearly $300... When did only and $300 belong in the same sentence... GULP
I am really hoping I will have no problems...


  1. Um. Wow. Your doctor's a little dramatic! I can't believe he said that to you!!!!

    And YAY for a breastpump! I hope we get one as a shower gift because they ARE expensive and I'm gonna need one!

  2. Gosh, your doctors get on my nerves and I'm not even there. Ha, ha.

    Yeah- I am pretty over doctors too- I occasionally realize that if my doctor had taken me seriously when I complained about abdominal pain, he probably could have put me on medication and bed rest before my pre-e went absolutely haywire and I could have given the baby a bit more cooking time...and then I feel really pissed and then I have to realize that it doesn't matter anyway now so there is no point in being upset.

    Of course... because of this- I am now destined to have to deal with doctors every single time I get pregnant because I will have to go to a high risk center. Blah.

    No more negativity: Yay for the breast pump! I have heard that is the best one to buy so I hope it works for you!

  3. My mother is totally awesome. The end.

  4. Next time they ask you what you're occupation is, lie and tell them you're a lawyer. Maybe they'll be a little more cautious if they think they might get sued! LOL!!! I'm sorry you're having to deal with such crap doctors and hospitals... and DON'T apologize - all doctors have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of their profession and if one screws up, the rest need to know about it!

  5. Doctors and drug companies are in it for the money, not your health. and lawyers are there to make money from their messes. Hang in there and stick to your "gut" feelings!