Thursday, December 17, 2009

15 months and 19 days

Today marks the day that I met Jason 15 months ago. I never in a million years would have imagined that in 15 shorts months we would be expecting our daughter in a few days. 19 days... When you get into the teens it seems very close. It may be closer. As I mentioned yesterday she is probably going to be a big girl. I know ultrasound and Dr's measurements can be wrong, but they are estimating her at nearly 8 pounds already! I can feel it today - she is squirming all over the place and my belly is moving with her. It is quite funny. I actually hope she is born the last week of December because Jason is on vacation. That would work out nice. But 1 day at a time - she will be here when she is ready.

I am glad I met you 15 months ago Jason - maybe we should go to Subway tonight - just like our first date! ;)


  1. Sweet.
    I am trying to remember where Ryan and I were at 15 months- certainly not expecting a baby! Though.. after the first two years we kind of went crazy!

  2. Well you are full term so you can go whenever :)
    I had just graduated high school when Isaac and I had been together for 15 months. From when we started dating we have been together 7 years 9 months (or 93 months.. sounds like a lot when you put it that way. lol)