Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That's a big baby

Well She is not laying breech. She is head down and facing my back like she should be.
She has hair!! They tried to do a 3d pic for me, but she is stubborn as always and kept covering her face. But I did get to see her. She was so cute, actually it was weird because I thought she looked like my baby pictures.She has a little turned up nose and she was sucking and moving her lips the whole time. The tech couldnt tell me about her fluid levels. She said a Dr will have to review that, which is kind of weird because they usually tell you when everything is fine. She is chubby LOL, and the weight estimate was almost 8 lbs. The tech said they gain about 1 lb per week. She said maybe you will have this baby before Christmas!
Oh my, now I wait until Tuesday when I see the Dr and he tells me the results of the ultrasound.

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