Monday, December 14, 2009

3 weeks

Well only 3 weeks and a day left... I will be full term tomorrow so Audrey can come whenever she is good and ready! The next 2 weeks will fly by. This week we are preparing at work for our "peak week" next week. We have to go into Pittsburgh and go shopping - we prepare food for everyone. There are daily conference calls. I am training someone to do my job while I am away. The busy weeks make time fly by.
Next week will be even busier. I will start going to the Dr's every week. We are having food for all the employees every day. Then Friday is Christmas. I am excited about Christmas! I can't wait to see if Jason likes what I got him! Holly will be coming home soon. Anyway it will be a busy couple of weeks....

To be continued later I am busy


  1. Message for Audrey:

    Dear Audrey, You better come while I am home for those two weeks. If you want to be spoiled by your favorite aunt who lives in Loseranna you will come before I have to head back to Loserville. Love you!

    Auntie Holly

  2. Hard to believe you're almost there!!!