Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas shopping and belly pic (from facebook)

So this weekend we went to Kraynaks! I love Kraynaks. There is so many different things there. Jason and I were talking about next year starting a train set. I think that would be really nice! It was really crowded. The line to see the display was all the way out the door. It moved fast though... It was pretty.
After Kraynaks we went Christmas shopping. I cannot believe how crowded it was. The mall was more crowded on Saturday than on Black Friday. I only have a few more things to buy now.
Sunday I guess we slept through a really bad ice storm. LOL I had no idea how bad it was - In fact I didnt even know how bad it was until I heard about it on the radio this morning. In the afternoon I went to babies r us and echanged something. I got a basket to put all her receiving blankets in and I got the cutest valentines day outfit ever!
I enjoyed my weekend with Jason as always :)
Oh and last but not least the belly picture I have been getting requests for. Someday I will have Jason take a nice one of me, but for now you will have to settle for the bathroom background from work LOL 36 weeks:

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  1. You look great! And oh, you have the phone I used to have before I switched to the BlackBerry. Now my BBerry is dead and I have a craptastic Chocolate phone. I miss my EnV!!!