Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby shower :)

Click Here for the pictures. There are too many to post on the blog.

My mom did a WONDERFUL job with this shower. There were so many surprises and it was so nice. I wish everyone could have been there. First she decorated by hanging clothes line with baby clothes on it. Nice for me LOL extra clothes!!! Plus her plates were the same clothes line with clothes. She had little bags of swedish fish (my fav candy) as favors. The Jim's (her fiancee) mother had a scratch off ticket to go with everyone's favor. It was nice. There were a few little winners. I won $10 and someone else won $20 (great for 1.00 tickets) Jim had the flower centerpieces made for the tables. Pink carnations and Daisies (my favorite!). He also had the Anxiously Awaiting Audrey banner made as a surprise. I LOVED it all!!!
Mom had some fun games planned.
1. Winner takes all
everyone puts thier change in a piggy bank and guesses how much will be in the bank. winner takes all - no not the change lol thats for baby - a bottle of all laundry detergent
2. bottle race
who can drink the bottle the fastest
3. guess what baby ate (no pics)
diapers filled with various things. Can you guess what baby ate
4. Mommy multitaksing
talk on the phone, hold baby, and hang laundry. Dont drop the baby

The food was delicious! And it was so nice visitng family and friends. My great grandma was there. She is going to be Audreys Great Great grandma! Most children would never know thier great great grandma. I cannot wait until Audrey is born so Grnadma Bessie can meet her!

5 generations including Audrey in my belly. Grandma Bessie (91), Aunt Pat (my grandmother's sister. My grandmother passed away a few years ago) My mom. Me and Audrey!

I got so many nice presents too! I feel so blessed. Everyone really showed thier love.

If you want to see some of the gifts I got you can do it here: SHOWER GIFTS

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  1. Looks like you had a blast! The food looked delicious!!!