Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog Updates

So I made some changes to my blog today. I added my twitter feed. When I go into labor and after I am home with the baby my internet access will be VERY limited. I will not be able to get on facebook and I will not be able to update my blog often. HOWEVER twitter comes from my phone so you will see the updates on my blog now.
I added my blog to my facebook feed so all my facebook friends can easily follow my updates now. Speaking of facebook - after the baby is here I will add pictures to facebook using my phone too so if you are not my facebook freind already feel free to add me. Search me by email If I dont know you in real life however please add a message of who you are and how you know me or I will most likely ignore your request.

3 weeks 6 days until due date! Everytime I see that week number drop I get more excited! I cannot wait!!!!

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