Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birth Story

Pictures from Birth Day - Click Here
It started January 4, 2010. HAHA I say it started like we didnt know, but we knew we had to be at the hospital at 8AM. We left early at 0630. What we didnt know about what it was the beginning of the snow. The roads and traffic were horrible! We thought we were going to be late, but we weren't. We got the hospital about 0750. I got checked in and taken to a room to get prepped for the procedure. Unfortunatly, they didnt count on an emergency c section so I got pushed back to 1245. Jason and I waited, but time flew for me. The nurse was so nice. She explained everything in detail that would happen. I met with the anethsioligist (I can never spell that right and I dont feel like looking it up) at 1230 they had Jason and I suit up (see pics lol) and I headed back to the operating room first. It was kind of scary/overwhelming at first. All the light and people and tools etc...I sat of the table and the Dr was gong to give me the spinal (like an epidural) There was a student there too! He was explaining the process - to me or the student I am not sure. He had me lean over. I was kind of worried it would hurt because the IV really hurt (she said I had tough skin and needed to sharpen her needles!) But it didnt hurt that bad. The the Dr told the student... Its not always that easy - I guess I was lucky. It took effect immediately they were rushing me to get into position - it was hard because I was going numb and moving slow. i finally got there. They started doing whatever. I couldnt feel a thing - not even pressure. Then jason came in and we were just chatting. While I was talking to him I was listening to the Dr. He was singing LOL I forget exactly what was said, but I knew it was close. Then I heard it. My little girl crying. It was kind of blurry after that. They told jason to stand up and take a pic. They brought audrey back and showed her to me for a second. They took her and Jason over to do whatever. I was listening to the Dr, trying to answer the anethsioligists questions, and listening to the nurses and Jason. I heard something about her toes... Then all of a sudden I felt horrible I felt like I couldnt breathe, Then I felt this pressure on my chest, then I thought I was going to throw up. I immediately told them and they put something in my IV and I felt better right away. Audrey was born at 1319 and it took 40 more minutes to sew me up. It felt like 5! I couldnt believe how time was flying. Then they said we are done and going to move you to another table and take you to recovery. I said I feel bad for you guys and the nurse laughed and said dont worry this is like an air hockey table the air will move you over, and it did! I was then wheeled to recovery and they said they would bring me Audrey soon. Jason came back and showed me pictures. That is when the tears came. I couldnt believe my little girl was here and she was perfect! incredibly strong and healthy! the only thing is her right foot has crossed toes. The 20 mins in recovery felt like 2 then they brought Audrey. I dont know how long I was there, but all was well and I felt fine!

More stories later on my hospital stay

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  1. Glad all went well.....wish I had a good birth story.....mine was an emergency c section.....all ended well though! Take it easy and enjoy your little angel!