Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hospital Stay

So what was the hospital stay like... Boring and annoying! They have so many rules of what you can and cannot do with your own baby... monday was my csection, and by Tuesday morning I was begging to be let out of bed. Surprisingly my pain was minimal. Like a 2... I didnt even need painkillers; just motrin. They let me out of bed a few hours early and everyone was surprised at how good I was doing. Tuesday was a great day. I was feeling awesome. Audrey was eating well. I had visitors. then came Wednesday and the baby blues hit me. Audrey wouldnt eat and the hospital was busy and noone would help me. She was crying and crying and it was going on 8 hours without her eating so that started me crying. Wednesday I just couldnt get happy. I felt bad I was such a downer to my visitors that day. Thursday was better. I was going home!!! We got discharged at 1130. It was a stressful day also, but not too bad...

First day home story sometime later this week!

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