Thursday, February 25, 2010

my blogging inspiration

Reason for my break:

#1 I was physically exhausted for the first 3 weeks
#2 (should be number 1) I was MENATALLy exhausted for the first 6 weeks and still have my days
#3 It is really really hard to type one handed

BUT I will be back on MONDAY!!!!!! Wait that sounds like I am excited... No actually I am not happy about going back to work and being away from Audrey but I wanted you to think the blogging will be extra special!

So anyway I am writing this post because I wanted to tell you and the author that my all time favorite blog and the inspiration for me to keep going is someone I met online: Michelle
I love her blog and her photos. I think she is real and interesting, and she mentioned me in her last post ;P so if I was thinking of giving this all up...


Thanks Michelle My Monday-Thursday posts will be back and I will try to catch everyone up on my 8 weeks at home. I think I am a different Julie now

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