Thursday, March 4, 2010

Audrey is 2 months old

I cant believe it was 2 months ago that I had her. She is getting so much more interesting now. I love playing with her! I am getting into the mommy groove and kind of know now what I like and what I dont here goes:

Sleepers - dont use them at all I cannot do the buttons in the middle of the night and I hate all those buttons when she is wiggling after her bath. Maybe I will use them more in the fall when she gets bigger.
Sleep sacks - i hated them when she was a newborn because they are 0-9 month size and they were all bunched up on her face. Now I love them. They are the only thing she sleeps in.
Nightgowns - carters nightgowns are the cutest thing EVER, but the elastic at the bottom is so tight I cant get them on her well. She ends up crying when I put one on her because its so hard for me. I cant get her arms in the sleeves and I just have trouble.

Bottles - who knew bottle were THAT important. I didnt have to have a certain kind, but now I find that I do. I have so many mismatched parts that this weekend I am getting rid of everything I dont like and going to buy the bottles I do. AVENT BOTTLES I thought I would like these. My friend used them and they wree really happy with them. Well I hate them they leak all over the place. no matter what I do I dump milk on audrey 75% of the time. GENERIC BOTTLES w/ GOOD NIPPLES I have a bunch a generic bottles that my mom bought good nipple for. They worked good for a while, but the nipples didnt fit in the nipple rings and they dont sell nipple rings at walmart. Now I have so many generic parts laying around I hate it. I am getting rid of the generic bottles only because the nipples they came with are horrible and I cant find any nipples that fir in the rings. NUK BOTTLES - Nice bottle, but the flow is way too fast for audrey. She chokes on it all the time and it leaks the second you drop it. I am saving this one for later when she gets bigger. MEDELA BOTTLES - these are nice I use them on my pump, I will keep these though I still only have the nipples my mom bought me when she was born and the slow is getting almost too slow for her. So I will save these for my pump. Now my all time favorite EVENFLO COMFIT - I love these they are awesome. They dont leak. They are comfortble to hold. So I am going to buy a few more and it will be nice not to have bottle pieces everywhere.

BATHTUBS - I didnt think bathtubs were important, but audrey loves bathtime. The bathtub I got at a yardsale I dont like for her now because although it has the hammock for a newborn to lay on there is a plastic part that presses right into her back I dont like that. My favorite thing right now is this little bath thing I got for $3.99. I cant describe it but look here its not the whole set just something like the little blue thing. Its awesome. It wont last too long, but its so nice. She can lay in the water and she loves the water. In about two months I will switch her over the the tub because she'll be able to use the propped sitting up side.

Tummy time mat - she doesnt like it for the purpose it wwas created, but the mat is so useful. Its so much easier to use than a blanket on the floor. It doesnt get bunched up and wrinkled. I really likt it.

ONESIES - i have a ton, but never use them. Audrey gets hot and the extra layer is too annoying for me to put on.

Thats all for now. I like being a mom more every day


  1. I remember when I was little mom use to have this bottle that was like a plastic bag inside a hard outer covering thing. And when you drank the milk the plastic bag emptied and you could reach through the bottom and feel the smooshyness of the plasic bag thing. I know we arent suppose to remember things when we are this little, but i remember I LOVED this bottle. I have no idea if they still make them or what it was called but i thought it was pretty cool when i was little. It was my favorite

  2. I was only familiar with Avent because of working in day care, I HATE them too! I only used the Playtex disposable for my son....I did have a couple Munchkin brand bottles that were angled and had adjustable flow nipples, but haven't seen them son is 5. When he was an infant I bathed him on a bear shaped bath sponge that was about $4. When he was real little I just set it on the sink and as he got bigger I put it in the tub with just enough water to keep him warm. Good luck with all and thanks for the updates!

  3. I use the Playtex VentAire ones. They were the only ones that had that angle thing when DD was born. I love them. DS hardly needs to be burped because he doesn't get any air. The idea is similar to why there is that hole, or vent thing, on a (travel) coffee cup. For DS I use the wide ones.