Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How did daycare go?

To answer eveyone all at once. It was OK. I was worried alot during the day, but I picked her up to find out she didnt cry, just shut herself off and slept ALL DAY. She was awak 8-11am. The lady said she looked confused and she ate at 11 and fell asleep and never woke up til I picked her up at 4:30.
Adter that all she wanted was to be held. She didnt cry much, just wanted me to hold her. Well I wanted to hold her, but its hard to cook dinner holding a baby. Let me just say I am glad I have a baby wrap. I put her in my "moby" and went about cooking. I used the crockpot to make pulled pork, so I only had to cook the rice and broccoli, and luckily I am getting better and better at eating while olding the baby.
The problem came at night. Now lately she has been staying up til 11 so that was expected, but last night she wanted nothing to do with sleep or laying down. She wanted me looking and sometimes talking/singing to her. at 11:30 my dad, we live in the same house, came and took her for 30 mins - I cat napped. He is a truck driver so I cant have him staying up all night, plus its my baby... So at midnight I took her back. I tried laying down with her multiple time but that made her mad and start screaming. Finally at 1am I gave up and laid down anyway - she cried for an hour before I decided I couldnt sleep with the crying and I hate her crying for so long.

to be continued... Boss is calling
Im back

At 2 i sat up with her for another hour then at 3 I tried putting her in her swing again. She fussed a bit, but I decided to lay down on the couch. At 3:30 She was crying hard. I picked her and laid on the couch. I drifted off and at 4am Jason got up. It was time to get ready for work...

I am hoping today goes better!


  1. Oh no! What a night! I hope all gets better....seems like daycare would TRY to keep her awake for at least a little bit...even on the first day!

  2. I started swaddling Nellie and then feeding her while swaddled. It's made all the difference in the world in her sleep.