Friday, April 16, 2010

Going Green or Saving Green???

I think if we changed the slogan from Going green or being green to saving green more people would be on board.

The first things I started doing that are considered "green" I started doing specifically to save money without caring about the "green" point of view. Then I went back and visited my friends in Youngstown... There was this dump/landfill behind the fedex building when I worked. It was so big. And on hot windy days it stunk up the whole area. Then I moved back to PA. After 2.5 I went back to visit my friends at fedex. This thing has doubled in size! I mean it was huge. I couldnt belive how large the landfill had gotten in only a few years - It looked like a mountain. It was then I thought maybe they arent kidding about this green thing...

Anyway about Saving green. I always wanted a metal water bottle, but I never wanted to shell out the $15 for one. well I got one for Christmas, and I should have bought it way sooner! I used to go through a case of water per week. I havent bought a case of water since December! So besides the fact that I am not throwing away 3-4 plastic water bottles away today I am not spending the $3.98 per week on water.
Cloth Diapers my next step to saving green. $40 a month minimum per month on disposable diapers. I was thinking in 2 years that would add up to alot of money! I could spend $300 and have diapers for her entire 2 years. Its only 2-3 extra loads of laundry per week and I only hang dry the diapers so there really has been no change to the electric bill. Plus modern cloth diapers are really nice. I use cloth wipes along with the diapers and I am being green and saving green!
Saving electric. Jason is the power nazi haha thats what I say. He unplugs and turns off everything. It works great. We have a very affordable electric bill! I guess energy saving is consered green, but we consider it saving green...

Anyway the reason I wrote this whole blog because another thing I discovered on the cloth diaper and green path are all the contest out there. here is the most recent one I found when reading a green blog

She had some good info in there on going green. so I figured I would enter the contest too. Head on over and check out her blog!

And I am trying to win some "green" nail polish for Audrey

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