Monday, April 19, 2010

No more milkies...

Most of you know I have been exclusively pumping since Audrey was born. She got mostly my milk, but would a couple times a week get a bottle of formula. A couple weeks ago she changed from drinking 4 oz to 6 oz and I had to giver her 1-2 formula bottles a day. Well work got busy and I no longer had the freedom to pump a couple times while at work - only during lunch. So my milk supply dropped bad. I only had enough for 3 milk bottle a day. Then my supply kept dropping and I was only getting 9 oz a day.I decided it was time to stop pumping - it wasnt worth my time. Anyway that being said. Yesterday was Audreys first full day on formula. I dont know if it made a difference or not, but she was so cranky and fighting sleep all day. She only took 2 small naps. It was 10 pm and she wouldnt take her bottle and she wouldnt take her pacifier she was just crying and crying. She acted like she wanted to eat but she spit out the formula. I told jason, maybe she wants milk. I pumped a couple ounces and as soon as she tasted it she drank it right up and fell right asleep.
So that being said I am not giving up pumping. I will pump my 3 times a day and even if I only get enough for her nighttime bottle its worth it to me to make her happy that way. Hopefully when food starts she wont need to comfort eat my milk at night!


  1. Maybe it is the kind of formula too.....if you need to give formula, maybe she will take a different kind better....or maybe she only wants mommy's milk! Good luck!

  2. That takes dedication and hard work. People are always patting me on the back for breastfeeding but it is EASY compared to the 2 months of exclusively pumping. I decided to drop bottles because I was too lazy to keep up! Good job!