Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today I am sad

I had a whole other post planned in my head, but things changed.

This morning when I dropped Audrey off at daycare she had just woke up and was hungry, but not grumpy hungry...
Anyway, when I got her out of the car she was ALL smiles. She was reaching out to me and "talking". When we got in the daycare I set her car seat on the table and she was scuking on her fist and still reaching up to me. The other little girl was trying to get her attention, but she would only look at me. When I said goodbye and started walking away she lost her smile and got this look on her face like "where ya going?" and as I was walking out the door I heard her do her little whine - the noise she makes to get my attention... It made me really sad.
As I was driving to work I wished I had decided to stay there and feed her and be late for work. If that ever happens again I will definitely do that.

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