Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mommy you see that girl... She is carrying her baby in her clothes! - Random girl at the grocery store

I am not an avid babywearer, but I do wear my baby from time to time. You see she HATES the car seat with a passion and is too little to sit in the buggy. I have a "normal" baby carrier which most people are accustomed to seeing and a baby wrap. The wrap is hard to get on and not 100% comfortable, but audrey likes it. Today when she woke up from her nap I wanted to go to the store. I decided it was nice out and we would park at one end of the plaza and walk to the store on the other end. I chose to wear my babywrap.
It amazes me how many looks you get when you are wearing a baby. I thought it was common! I kept looking at my reflection to make sure my shirt was still on or something LOL so we went in the grocery store. I only needed a couple things and we walked by this little girl and her mom. She said the above quote. Her mom replied No thats a baby carrier some moms wont put their babies down and let them be babies. Nice and loud so I could hear her. I started laughing - if she only knew! What does it hurt her anyway if a woman wants to carry their baby! Oh well LOL we had a good day anyway


  1. sigh. people and their comments. the little girl was sweet. The mom is ...well...Jim would say "douche bag".

  2. What are you going to do? Put your baby on the floor of the supermarket to "be a baby"? Freak.

  3. Wow, that mom must be the mother of the year. I wore Eliza to the grocery store on Monday and had nothing but nice comments which made me want to wear her more often. :)