Friday, July 16, 2010

Lets get moving!

Audrey is crawling now! This is the first time we captured it on video. She was actually crawling better before I broke the camera out.

She does not fall as much now and tries to follow me everywhere. Her new favorite place to crawl to is the kitchen. Guess that means I have to mop more often!!! LOL


  1. yes, Julia I had to do the same thing. Caitlyn likes to go straight for Bella's Food (dog). She even tasted it a few times. She'll literally take the water bowl and dump it all over the kitchen then take the dog food bowl and dump it along with maybe eating a few here and there. LOL I do get it out of her mouth though. Have fun.

  2. That was so funny to watch! In case you didn't notice we use Audrey as a clue to know what Joel will be doing next. Exciting times. lol